Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Jewelry Casting Process

Lost wax casting is an ancient process by which a duplicate metal sculpture (often gold, silver, brass or bronze) is cast from an original wax sculpture. The original wax sculptures are made by hand (although there is 3D printing available now) using metal tools, a small flame, wax, sand paper and heated tools to create a unique shape with as much or as little texture as desired. 

Here are a couple photos from my process:






The original wax model is set inside a steel flask with other wax models and covered with plaster investment, leaving a funnel and tunnel to reach the wax through the hardened plaster. The flask is put into a kiln and the wax is "lost" as it's burned out of the flask. The flask is placed in a casting machine and the void left behind in the plaster is filled with molten metal. 

 This is one of the best videos I have found that explains process and shows each step very well.  

That's it, simple!  

 A few of my wax models next to the silver casting:


Here are a few of my pieces just out of the casting process: