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Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

We moved!  After almost 10 years in LA, it was time for a change. Our new home in Ojai, just about 1-1/2 hours north of LA, has become a little slice of heaven for this creative, nature loving woman.

Our new dining room:)


Our neighborhood walks...

And my new studio space!  

We really wanted to make this happen for months but couldn't quite plan it out. Our favorite Sunday activity was driving to Ojai, going on a hike and enjoying brunch in town.  One morning after enjoying breakfast at our favorite local Ojai spot, we met a couple who had just decided to rent their guest house the day before!  Within a month we were packing up our LA home and making a leap of faith to live in a place surrounded by oak trees, wild flowers and hillsides.  

Living in Ojai, surrounded by nature has inspired a whole new jewelry collection called "Reflections".  I am learning that nature's patterns, textures, cycles, harmony, strength and intricate details can reflect back to us a deeper understanding of our own lives. Each piece was designed to represent something found in nature at its simplest form.  

Check it out!  Reflections Collection 


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Before & After Remodel

This project was near and dear to my heart...transforming a house into a home for my brother and sister in law.  I love seeing their happiness together in this place. They are officially hosting family holidays for a couple years! 
                         Before                                                             After 
                            Before                                                               After
                      Before                                                                After
                       Before                                                               After
                           Before                                                            After

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Handmade Wedding Bands

One of my favorite things about designing and making jewelry is being a part of significant life events.  My brother got married this past summer and I was given the honor to make his wedding band.  I dripped wax and carved the ring using the lost wax technique then had it cast in white gold with a satin finish.  I added a comfort fit to the inside of the band for a snug yet breathable fit.  It was such a joyful celebration full of great people, stories and dancing!  



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Summer Style

Collaborating with local designers and stylists to share our expertise has become one of my favorite ways to kick off a new season.  Even though summer weather can last longer than Memorial Day to Labor Day in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, we still like to celebrate.  Just because the weather doesn't change much here, doesn't mean your style should stay the exactly same.  

Bold yet beachy natural stone colors such as turquoise, chalcedony and aquamarine are my favorites for the summer time. Wearing your hair loosely or braided and taking care of bikini waxes are just a starting point for summer beauty tips.  This is why I teamed up with my favorites Illiana from Trim Salon and Danielle from Wax Salon to co-host a summer style party in Venice Beach.  We are considering a sequel  event to ring in the holidays, will keep everyone posted!


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New York

New York is one of my favorite cities to visit, there is something romantic and magical there that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.  My mom had never been so as a 30th birthday gift she offered to take me.  A year and a half later we finally went!  Just goes to show how fast time can fly by and how there is never the “perfect time” to take a vacation or spend some quality time with the people you love the most.  Sometimes you just have to book the tickets, make the reservations and go!  We had the most amazing time wandering around the city, exploring the art and history, and eating breakfast in bed while watching snow flurries outside! 

While visiting the Empire State Building, I was so inspired by all of the Art Deco architectural details.  I could geek out on the geometry patterns found in the windows but instead I chose to take a picture and make a couple necklace designs.  What an impressive story that building has and unbelievable views. 

After strategically planning a visit to the Metropolitan museum around their Saturday night live music and wine hour, we took a couple hours to admire 16th and 17th century European paintings.  To be in the company of these ancient works of art in such a serene setting was incredibly humbling and peaceful especially in the midst of such a high energy city.

Above all, my favorite moments from this trip were when we sat down and shared a meal, drinks or just conversation.  I will cherish these memories forever and am beyond grateful to my mom for taking me on this trip.

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